An online company store is a tool clients develop to offer products and services to employees, customers and other audiences. Programs are another way to market products and services, and not necessarily associated with an online store. Examples of programs include offering employees a particular item for length of service or for reaching their sales goals. Online stores and programs are popular because they allow you to control how your brand is represented.

A successful program introduces efficiency and makes it easier for your customer or employee to acquire products, show loyalty and support your message.  

Examples of program efficiencies include;

•   Regulation of product and decoration options. Programs can limit the product choices an audience gets to only those approved by you.

•   Management control of budgets. The Vernon Company offers sophisticated management tools that set and monitor budgets, preventing departments from spending more than allowed.

•   Providing a reward mechanism that offers incentives for sales performance, attendance, years of service or any other factor you choose.

•   Efficient inventory management and order fulfillment.

•   Purchasing power.

•   Reporting that assists you in making informed decisions about products and inventory.

If you are interested in learning more about company stores and the many programs we offer, contact your Vernon Account Executive.